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For Gaming

Silverfox is at the forefront of integrating traditional gaming with Web3 technology through its ecosystem products, designed to enhance player engagement, increase revenue, player monetization and introduce blockchain benefits seamlessly.

The future ahead

A fully contained ecosystem for the next wave of gaming and innovation

Whether you are a gamer, trader, developer or a publisher in the gaming industry, Silverfox will provide you with fully integrated features, tools and games for blockchain entertainment. Join Silverfox to become part of the growing world of digitalization, personal ownership and cryptographic liquidity or blaze your own path to grow your games

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Interconnected gaming system

Player focused social platform full of games connected to blockchain

Number one place to discover new games created with Silverfox, or aggregated into the platform. Connect with your friends, share your achievements and earn $SFX Tokens on the go while playing. Experience the next evolution in gaming, peer to peer trading of digital assets and community powered growth.

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No-code plug & use

Toolset for developers and publishers to enhance their audience's experience

Power your games with technology that allows players to level up their engagement. Add digital collectibles with plug-and-use solutions and expand on potential revenue with a better KPI projections. Connecting to the Silverfox ecosystem via our Tools will allow you to monitor blockchain activity of your game, monetize on new streams and advertise through untapped channels.

A layer for everyone

Blockchain designed to achieve the smoothest onboarding and the simplest usage

The usability first architecture of Silverfox Chain allows for zero gas transactions while maintaining healthy validator rewarding. Together with state of the art innovations like Account Abstraction, Silverfox Chain will be a leading technological approach towards topic-specific permission app-chains within the gaming sector.

Gamer's gold

One token for the whole silverfox ecosystem. Introducing $SFX

Maintenance of token ecosystem relies on a single utility token to cover all the needs of players and game developers. With tokenomics, token flows and the implementation of $SFX Token already operational within the ecosystem, Silverfox is presenting the way for games to join forces behind one powerful token. The $SFX Token provides sustainable value for every type of user inside the ecosystem: player, developer, validator and trader.

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